Generative Music System

27 February 2017 ● less than 1 min read ● 0 images

This was an old project I had to dig out recently for a client consult so I made a short video explaining the core systems behind it.
It was originally written in Java but I recently started porting parts of it to C# and also HTML5 and WebAudio.

Title: Generative Music with seeded HMM and Stochastic Noise
A demonstration of prototype generative music system using a variety of techniques from seeded HMM to stochastic noise.
The prototype has two generative music systems:
A generative controller that uses a hidden markov model to generate new compositions from a seed music database
A random music generator using a variety of algorithms from a windchime emulator to stochastic noise.
The system is built with Java, and uses an open source synth ZynAddSubFX as the sound source.

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