[canvas announcement] We want to hear your Canvas success stories!

Mark McFarlane
28 February 2016

Hi everyone!

Canvas has been around for a few months now, and we're hearing more and more tales about our members making social, collaborative, and professional connections through Canvas. It's really rewarding for us to hear these stories, especially because it's the exact reason we decided to make Canvas!

But, we know that for every story we are lucky enough to hear, there are probably a few others that we don't know about! So I think it's time for us to gather some of those stories, and get a better idea of how Canvas is helping Tokyo's creative community!

So, we want to hear from any of you who have either been found, or have found others through Canvas. It could be something as simple as making a new friend, finding someone to collaborate with, getting a freelance gig, or even finding employment!

You can drop us a line through the orange "?" bubble in the bottom right corner of this screen, or email me directly at mark@tacchistudios.com.

Thanks in advance! And keep being awesome!

Mark and everyone in Team Canvas.

Mark McFarlane
29 March 2016

Hi everyone, just wanted to bring this topic back to life as we're working on new designs for Canvas' front page which will include testimonials from our members showing how they've found work, someone to hire, made connections for collaboration etc.

Please get in touch with me at mark@tacchistudios.com if you have a success story to share and are interested in being featured on the front page of Canvas!!!

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