[Event report] Canvas Round Table #2 - Feb 4th 2016

Mark McFarlane
4 February 2016

Thanks to everyone who came to Canvas Round Table #2 last night! It was a wonderful night of freeform group chat, meeting new faces, sharing and learning, and of course drinking.

The evening’s discussion included:

● Personal introductions - getting to know each other.
● Sales and marketing for small creative brands - Building brand awareness and selling products outside of marketplaces such as Society 6.
● Is the crowdfunding economy (Patreon, Kickstarter etc) motivating creatives to leave freelancing and try other methods of supporting themselves?
● Medium.com - What makes people publish on it? Is it really that great? How is it dealing with the problems of a growing platform?
● How to respond to the question “what’s your rate”? Why it’s important to know before someone asks you.

And some issues we covered regarding Canvas:

● Are creatives finding work via Canvas? Are businesses finding creatives to hire via it?
● How will Canvas help more creatives find work in the future? Where will these businesses come from?
● Should Canvas be a place for businesses and creatives to work together, or should it just be a social platform?
● How Canvas can improve its search and filtering tools to help businesses more easily find suitable creatives to hire.
● How Canvas needs to motivate creatives to share more of their best creations so businesses can quickly judge their suitability for a project.
● How members can get involved in organizing their own Canvas events and get involved with other aspects of the Canvas community.
● Success stories - members shared their experiences of finding others to work, collaborate, and make friends with.

The evening’s attendees:

Taimu Hanashiro
Steven Herman
Trent Mcbride
Hengtee Lim
Ed Thompson
Nicole Ciliberti
Chavarom Chongulia
Lena Aframova
Luis Mendo
Rui Stalph
George Dedic
Mariel Lozano
Chihiro Watanabe

And the Canvas/Tacchi Studios team who were present:

Junta Mitsugi
Robbie Mcfarlane
Adam Perry
Alex Towli
Mark Mcfarlane

We're looking forward to the next one already! Hopefully we can make it a monthly thing in the future.

Wonderful drawings of the group by Luis Mendo

Trent McBride
Web / Mobile Designer
4 February 2016

A great discussion, and great fun! Thanks for organising, Team Tacchi!

Hengtee Lim
4 February 2016

Besides putting my best brooding face on for photos, I had a great time. Thanks guys. :)

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