[Article] A common mistake on designer resumes, and how to avoid it.

Mark McFarlane
18 November 2015

I read this article this morning and couldn't agree more, so thought I'd share with the community.

I receive a lot of applications from designers in Tokyo who are making the same mistake, which is a real pity.

My advice is to say as much as you can about your skills through your portfolio. And I don't mean just through images, but with accompanying explanations of your process, tools used, outcomes and learning for each piece. With the right content, you may not even need to include a CV at all to get the job!

Would be interested to hear others' thoughts on this. :)


Ai Hiraoka
Web / Mobile Designer
18 November 2015

If designers want to get more interesting job, they should show how have designed.

・How did you express your power?
・How did you make a business succeed?
・How was feedback from others?
After that, What did you do?

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