I'm very pleased to announce that, after a long time away due to being super busy on client work, the Tacchi Studios/Canvas team is back to work on making Canvas even more useful for Tokyo's creative community! 👋

This first update comes in the form of a formal jobs board, which you can see in the top navigation on this site. 👆

For many years Canvas has been a place where Tokyo-based companies of all sizes and industries have discovered and connected with skilled creatives to hire. But now we're providing a clearly structured place to advertise jobs, internships, and freelance positions to our growing membership.

It's free to post your positions for the time being, and they'll be displayed both here on the site and in the weekly digest email that we send out to our members.

If your company is hiring, or you're looking for work, it's the new place to be! 🎉 And if you know someone hiring or looking for work, please do let them know! 🙇‍♂️

We get a big kick out of hearing all the stories of how Canvas has helped members of Tokyo's creative and business community, and we can't wait to hear even more in the coming months and years! 😄

And finally, a big thanks to Tacchi/Canvas members Ian Bayne, Adam Perry and Adam Akhtar for their hard work designing and building the functionality, and connecting with the companies to kick start the list of jobs you can see already. ❤️