AI art is the Future? But where will we be?

George Popescu
18 August 2022

Hello everyone,

So this year is the year that AI art takes off and there's quite a few websites/apps out there to do AI art which means everyone is now an artist.

Pretty much the same situation as when smartphones came out with good cameras and then everyone with an iPhone became a photographer.

The question is after a couple of years and AI art improves to the point that it can match any art style and any concept, where will the artists go?

Are you afraid that you are obsolete? Will you still be able to have clients? What can you do to compete with AI art?

Andrew Browne
6 October 2022

AI art is generated by algorithms that have stolen hours (years) of work by artists without their permission. These algorithms don't create anything new or original.

My only hope is that people will learn to value real art instead of these images created for a quick buck.

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