Creating a 合同会社/株式会社 and US tax laws

Andrew Browne
11 January 13:56

Anyone out there a US citizen with a 合同会社/株式会社 in Japan? Or know a CPA who might be able to provide advice on complying with US tax laws when creating a 合同会社/株式会社 in Japan?

Daniel Schallau
11 January 19:43

Andrew, I know it's an efile program, but it is specifically for expats. I was looking into them doing my taxes that way with these guys until my wife informed me I am an employee of her business, so my taxes ended up being straight forward and easier to do by hand. BTW, this is the only efiler that takes into consideration the social security exemption we get if we pay into the Japanese pension system instead of the US system. Anyway, I was having a bit of trouble and they said they could do my taxes for me, so it seems they have cpa's there as well. They are out of Chicago, so hopefully they would know about creating a limited liability company in Japan. Ugh. I hate tax season.

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