Hello, I'm currently looking for a new position in illustration/or in an Art agency.

I have been so far working in a start up as an online shop manager for over a year. So after years of working in a more general field(communication), I decided to fully dedicate to my forever passion for art and the beauty of artistic expression. Which is why I'm posting here, hoping to find an opportunity in a creative agency, art gallery or another company in need of someone creative to connect artists with the world, or an illustrator! My work is mainly inspirational, which means I draw what I feel in the moment, but my range of ability is wider than that, from character design to environment, I like to create emotions but remains open to explore new things!

A little bit about my background: I studied cross-cultural communication in Paris and mainly experienced working in communication in the beauty industry. Although it was not design, the environment was still highly creative. I'm also very familiar with design software such as Photoshop, Indesign, Procreate. On the side, I'm a self-taught illustrator (and have always been into art activities like painting, piano). This skill has been useful during previous experiences where I developed content for social media or to be used on product packaging.
This is why, I believe there are a lot of skills and qualities in my journey your team could benefit from!

You can have a look at my illustrations here:

Please contact me if interested, or if you have any leads, of just to network is also great! :)