[job] Realtime illustrator - Design thinking workshop

Mimmo CangianoBelcuore
21 February 2020

I am currently seeking for an experienced illustrator capable of sketching in realtime during a design workshop. The successful candidate needs to be able to capture and visualise fast-peace brainstorming sessions on whiteboard, paper or tablet. After the session, capture, post-produce and organise the drawings that will be used as research material (not published). The illustrator must prove to be very versatile across styles and themes with great communication skills that go beyond techniques and passions more into the process of conveying visually the message across. The project may extend over a few months once the first phase is completed, depending on the work performance and achievements.

Feel free to reach me out here, if you are interested or if you think you know someone that may fit the role. Thanks!

Nanami Sakurai
26 February 2020

Hi Mimmo, I'm Nanami working as Illustrator in Tokyo. just saw this post very interested, and would like to hear more details when you have time! Look forward to hear from you.

Mimmo CangianoBelcuore
27 February 2020

Nanami Sakurai thanks for your message. I have just sent you a private message with some info.

All the best.

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