A student in Aberdeen recently got in touch asking for advice/content for a magazine about Japan he is producing as part of his final-year course work.
I gave him a reprint to use and also promised him I'd share his request, so below is his project outline. If anyone else would like to help out, please contact Grant Dickie directly: grant_dickie@yahoo.co.uk.


Content is required for a travel and culture magazine based around Japan. The articles would be used to inform about various sides to the culture and work along with photographs/illustrations. All use of text will be credited. The magazine will form a main part of my final submission for my final year at university and be displayed at the exhibition that is open to the public and attended by many different design agencies in Aberdeen and the country.
The written piece could be of various size and can be something new or something that you have previously written that you are able to give me permission to use.
Grant Dickie – final year Communication Design student at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen, Scotland.
The topics that the articles will write about and the photographs will capture will vary and are not ultimately decided. Some of the topics I would like to present are:
Tourist attractions, temples, architecture, street fashion, shopping districts, festivals (for example cherry blossom, lantern), hidden attractions that tourists might not know about, different views on Japanese lifestyle, markets, technology (for example trains, gaming, casinos), youth culture (anime conventions, Pokemon centres), restaurants and reviews, important things that tourists should know before visiting Japan.
This is just an idea of some topics for the magazine. I am extremely open to any suggestions you have, and if there are any topics you would like to capture or suggest then please get in touch.
Since this is mainly a student project then regretably there would be no payment and I would ask you to volunteer any time or materials. However, credit will be given fully in the magazine and on any portfolio platform the work may be displayed.
My deadline for handing in the finished piece is 1 May 2016, so it would be good to have any submitted material by 1 April 2016.
I hope that this is something you would be willing to get on board with. And if you know of any other photographers or writers who may want to get involved in the project please do not hesitate to pass this on to them or pass on their details to me. If you have any more questions then please send me an email and I’ll do everything to help. If you could email me with your interest and the topic you would like to work on that would be greatly appreciated.