Trolls in the Park is a contemporary art exhibition held annually in November at various locations between Nishi-Ogikubo Station and Zenpukuji Park. In 2019, we invite a wide range of proposals, including site-specific and performance-based work shown at the Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park, in addition to exhibitions and performances taking place at Momoi Daishi Elementary School as well as shops and galleries in and around Nishi-Ogikubo. We look forward to receiving creative proposals that reflect this year's theme, the natural environment of the park, and the unique history and culture of the area.

Theme: whispers 囁き
The sigh of trees, the wind passing over the water’s surface, the beating wings of an insect: The natural world is filled with various whispers. When walking through the town, such infinitesimal sounds are likely to be drowned out by the traffic and crowds. Falling only on your ears, do these small voices wish to convey the truth? Or are they an invitation?

The Chinese character for “whisper” (囁) combines the radicals for “mouth” and “ear,” with “ear” repeated three times. Rather than speaking or observing, perhaps what is needed to discern things of real importance is to listen with all our senses.

Call for Artworks
A. Site-specific artworks in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (installations, sculptures, architecture, etc.)
B. Performance-based works in Metropolitan Zenpukuji Park (performance, theatre, dance, pantomime, music, etc.)
C. Site-specific artworks and performance-based works at Momoi Daishi Elementary School (playground, school building, classrooms)
D. Site-specific artworks, performance-based works and projects in shops and galleries in the Nishi-Ogikubo area
※A combination of any of the above is also possible

Entry fee
Free entry. However, participating artists are required to pay an administration fee of 20,000yen following selection. (Refund after the end of the term unless there is a special condition such as violation of the Exhibition rules)

Exhibitors will be selected by the Organizing Committee through a primary screening based on applications, and through a secondary screening involving a review of applications in addition to interviews with candidates.

Application deadline
Applications must arrive no later than April 26 (Fri), 2019, sent either
by email or post.
Download the application form from the website.