Tokyo Cinema Union at THEATRE

Yusuke Hayamizu
25 February 2019

We are thinking of creating more and more exciting events at Shinjuku at THEATRE.

Perhaps regular screening of young directors works etc.
And simply share the ticket sales so there is no advance payment for the use of the theatre.

Anyone is keen on exhibiting the work or, help our theatre as an idea man.
We love to program more shows and events but need more creative mind to actually make it happen.

The theatre is run by a small filmmakers community Tokyo Cinema Union

We made this small theatre to support artists to have the place to exhibit the work they produce and also we try to connect audience and the artists work.

Jesse Freeman
2 March 2019

Interesting! I will be back in Tokyo from July and was looking into a new venue for screenings...I have been screening short films that I wrote and directed in various places around Tokyo since 2010, so this would be nice! I am currently sitting on a new film I completed I was looking at screening end of summer...would like to be in touch for a meeting when I get back~

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