[job] Laser engraving service wanted

Francisco Martinez
17 December 2018

Hi guys,
Does anybody have or operates a laser engraving machine?
I've been given a commission to make wooden awards and there is some engraving involved. I've run some tests with a friend, but I think I prefer to get an estimate and have them done professionally. If you are an experienced user of Fabcafe I'm willing to pay for you time and get it done there.
- Please if you are interested I would appreciate if you reply as soon as possible. Thanks!
If you know somebody who might be interested, please tell.

Have a good night,

Mark McFarlane
21 December 2018

Hey Paco!

I'm not sure about professional services, but you could try Fab Cafe if you're stuck? I've done a few lazer things there and the staff are very helpful. I assume you already knew about it though.


Mariko Suzuki is a great person to talk to about Fab Cafe.

Francisco Martinez
22 December 2018

Hey Mark!

Thanks for the advice. This time I've already compromised, but it seems that similar commissions could come my way and I was thinking on investing time in acquiring the skill and do it at fabcafe.

Mariko Suzuki san would you be available for a talk and maybe some advice?

Thanks guys,
Happy holidays!


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