Anyone going to the Tokyo Rubyist Meetup this Thursday?

Adam Akhtar
10 August 2015

I'm definitely going.

There's still 3 spaces over on Doorkeeper

The presentation is titled "900K records per second with Ruby, Java, and JRuby".

Nakamura san will be speaking about the system architecture behind Treasure Data ( ) - a cloud analytics service which stores over 16 trillion records of customer data. The company was founded by two Japanese engineers and now has a number of big investors such as Jerry Yang the founder of Yahoo and James Linderbaum, co founder of Heroku.

Should be a very interesting presentation and the speaker Nakamura san is not only extremely talented (CRuby and JRuby committer) but a really nice guy too.

Anyone else on Canvas going?

Mark McFarlane
10 August 2015

I'll be there!

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