[job] Working-Holiday-Maker looking for a job in the field of branding

Oliver Rothenhaeusler
Print Designer
10 September 11:11

Hey guys,

I’m so happy to have found this platform! My name is Oliver, I studied graphic design in Mainz, Germany. Today I arrived in Tokyo with my girlfriend who is writing her master thesis during our stay in Tokyo.
While she is writing on her thesis, I would love to gain work experience in a design studio in Tokyo (close to Shibuya would be favourable). Unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese. I wouldn’t be able to typeset any Japanese text or attend team meetings held in Japanese. Therefor, I’m hoping that there may some design studios providing a multinational design environment I could fit in. A couple of weeks ago I started sending out emails to design agencies but besides of heaps of clicks on my website (unique tracking links), I haven’t received any responses. After reading a book about the culture in Japan, I did spot a mistake I made. I was very straight-forward and self-confident in my writing which may have irritated some agencies.

Last year I did work in Australia. With my working-holiday-visa, I spent 9 months in Melbourne working at a packaging design agency.

This was my first experience with packaging design. I’m most experienced in branding/corporate design. If you are curious about my work, please visit my website:
(Resume on request)

It will be much harder to find a job in Tokyo, but I want to achieve this.
I'm looking for a place, that is interested in having a hard-working, curious, ambitious, self-critical and passionate graphic designer. Full-time or part-time.

I got granted a working-holiday-visa. I’m permitted to work here.

I’m thankful for any tips, recommendations and help!

Thank you very much in advance,


Goran Popovic
13 September 10:33

Hi Oliver and welcome to Japan.
Just like you, I wanted to get a job after moving here. Unfortunately, if you don't speak Japanese, it is close to impossible to get one.
Start learning Japanese.

Araki Koman
14 September 23:43

Hi Oliver,
Everything is possible. Trying contacting this guy: https://www.instagram.com/pierrebabin/?hl=en
He is French, currently on a working holiday in Tokyo, came to Tokyo and managed to land a Web Designer/Graphic Designer role in a studio without speaking any Japanese.
Maybe he'll give you some tips?

Good luck!


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