[job] Working-Holiday-Maker looking for a job in the field of branding

Oliver Rothenhaeusler
Print Designer
10 September 2018

Hey guys,

I’m so happy to have found this platform! My name is Oliver, I studied graphic design in Mainz, Germany. Today I arrived in Tokyo with my girlfriend who is writing her master thesis during our stay in Tokyo.
While she is writing on her thesis, I would love to gain work experience in a design studio in Tokyo (close to Shibuya would be favourable). Unfortunately, I do not speak Japanese. I wouldn’t be able to typeset any Japanese text or attend team meetings held in Japanese. Therefor, I’m hoping that there may some design studios providing a multinational design environment I could fit in. A couple of weeks ago I started sending out emails to design agencies but besides of heaps of clicks on my website (unique tracking links), I haven’t received any responses. After reading a book about the culture in Japan, I did spot a mistake I made. I was very straight-forward and self-confident in my writing which may have irritated some agencies.

Last year I did work in Australia. With my working-holiday-visa, I spent 9 months in Melbourne working at a packaging design agency.

This was my first experience with packaging design. I’m most experienced in branding/corporate design. If you are curious about my work, please visit my website:
(Resume on request)

It will be much harder to find a job in Tokyo, but I want to achieve this.
I'm looking for a place, that is interested in having a hard-working, curious, ambitious, self-critical and passionate graphic designer. Full-time or part-time.

I got granted a working-holiday-visa. I’m permitted to work here.

I’m thankful for any tips, recommendations and help!

Thank you very much in advance,


Goran Popovic
13 September 2018

Hi Oliver and welcome to Japan.
Just like you, I wanted to get a job after moving here. Unfortunately, if you don't speak Japanese, it is close to impossible to get one.
Start learning Japanese.

Araki Koman
14 September 2018

Hi Oliver,
Everything is possible. Trying contacting this guy: https://www.instagram.com/pierrebabin/?hl=en
He is French, currently on a working holiday in Tokyo, came to Tokyo and managed to land a Web Designer/Graphic Designer role in a studio without speaking any Japanese.
Maybe he'll give you some tips?

Good luck!


Andrew Browne
5 October 2018

Just wanted to offer my encouragement and say that I know several designers who speak no Japanese that have successful careers here, both at design studios and running their own businesses. It's definitely possible.

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