Sorry this update is so late, but we held the 6th Sequential Art Meetup at Everyst HQ on the 9th of August, and just wanted to give a quick recap for anyone who might be thinking about joining us for a future event!

Instead of our usual presentations, for this event participants brought in comics they either wanted to share with people, or wanted to give away, and so we spent some time showing each other different comics and what made them special, or why we were giving them away.

It was a great way to spark conversation, discover new creators, and learn more about individual inspirations.

We also talked about upcoming events like the Kaigai Manga Festival and Comic Art Tokyo, as well as looking for event spaces in Tokyo for exhibitions.

As always, thanks to Benjamin Watanabe for the use of Everyst HQ!

Patricipant list:
Max Hodges
Odding Wang
Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Christopher Piatkowski
Haruka Tanabe
Tama Chine
James Wang

We'll aim to have information on the next event in the near future, so keep an eye out for it!

Julia Nascimento and Hengtee Lim