Musician's Meetup #3 Event Report - Wed 24 Jan @ Tacchi Studios

Paul Cohen
26 January 2018

We had an interesting mix of projects, and plenty of time to talk about them!
A short summary of projects presented with links.

Mauro Arrighi
Mauro talked about his new band project in development which you can see/hear @ Broadkast (Mauro's band)
It's a tough process finding the right mix of people that can form a band that survives the formative stresses to go on to produce great music. People don't appreciate enough how hard that is to do.

Bill Tribble
Bill also spoke about his trials trying to find a drummer for his project, so if you know anyone who can bang on things like an octopus on speed give him a shout.
- Psykers (Bill's band)
Bill spoke about the hyperinstrument used in the videos above, that he's recreated in NI Reaktor.

Some of the other tools he uses:

- Diva (The synthesizer Bill used)

- Jam Origin (I bought this after the first jam we had after seeing Bill playing with it. It's been around a few years but is now rock solid polyphonic pitch to midi detection. Worth a buy if you're at all interested in hyper-instruments or midi synths driven by analog inputs)

Paul Cohen
I spoke about a couple of projects:

Algorhythm is an experiment in assisted composing using Rapid composer . It helps to rapidly prototype ideas for later playing live, and also to help break you out of musical ruts from over reliance on existing comfortable musical chops.

Groove Pilot is an interactive visual & spatial music VR experience I'm developing. Microsoft selected it for their Mixed Reality Developer Program & sent me an Acer Windows MR Headset/Controller setup. Lots of ideas to play with here. I'm also collaborating with the Australian Institute of Music's Game Ensemble composing course ( to create new music compositions as part of this development/research.
And no, it's not anything like Rez;-).

Odding Wang
Odding presented a Work in Progress @
Intent is to create a hand drawn frame by frame animated video to go with it. Nice idea!
It might also make an interesting project for a 360 spatial music video experiment.
Odding also mentioned Japanese master photographer Dido Moriyama as an influence:

Junta Mitsugi
Junta introduced his Work In Progress piano tune @
Recorded live in the studio on a real live upright piano. He's only been playing piano for just over a year! Nice.
I had to convince him to give us the public link as he's still working on it, but I'm a proponent of showing works in progress. I've found people like to see how artistic works develop over time as much as finished pieces, and will ignore the rough edges if it's authentic. Kokoro ftw!

Stay tuned, next meetup in about a month, same format!

Paul Cohen
26 January 2018

Hey Junta,
What was the example video you link you gave to go with your song?
The fast motion contrast one?

Junta Mitsugi
UX Professional
29 January 2018

Paul Cohen Thank you for asking! This is that video.

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