Illustration Meetup #6 event report

Andrew Joyce
16 November 2017

Hi All,

Thanks as always to everyone that attended the latest event. Another great turnout!
The last event of 2017 is pencilled in for Dec 4th but I will confirm on social media and here soon.
Below is a list of attendees (in no particular order) as well as links to galleries and printers mentioned during the event:

David Robert / Davidrobert
Oliver Murphy / Oliver Murphy
Felipe / Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Julia Nascimento / Julia Nascimento
Sebastian Seyfarth / Sebastian Seyfarth
John Cairns / John Cairns
Nick Alston / Nick Alston
Janne Livonen /
Simon Lepp / Simon Lepp
Maki Suzuki / Maki Suzuki
Yu Akinaga /
Louis-Etienne Vallée / Louis Etienne Vallee
Erica Ward / Erica Ward
Rohan Mitchell / Rohan Mitchell
Charlotte Cahill / Charlotte Cahill
Andrew Browne / Andrew Browne
Marin Kadlec / Marin Kadlec
Joshua Takakshi Kadlec / Joshua Kadlec
Julien Wulff /
Tania Vicedo / Tania Vicedo

Clouds Art & Coffee /
Ego Gallery /
Apartment Hotel Shinjuku /

Riso Printer /

Mark McFarlane
17 November 2017

Was great to see you guys briefly. Thanks for letting me gatecrash!

Tania Vicedo
17 November 2017

Thanks !

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