I am selling this tablet which I bought a couple of years ago and used about twice in that time. The tablet works perfectly, you may need to download the drivers from the Wacom website.
The tablet comes with the pen and the pen stand only and of course the long USB cable. It is in great condition and if you have a laptop you can bring it with you to test it out before you buy it.
I am selling it for 10,000 yen as it is right now, special price for Canvas members only. You can find more info about it here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/413178-REG/Wacom_PTZ631W_Intuos3_6_x_11.html
I don't have the mouse for it so it is only the tablet and the pen that I am selling.

It's of great use to many artists, and the reason I'm selling it is because I'm not using it and I have a much smaller tablet that I use for photo editing. This tablet is great for artists to do digital art or retouching.

Thanks! :)