[job] looking for artists for a storytelling app

Hengtee Lim
5 September 2017

Hey everyone, I’m Hengtee, an editor at www.96problems.com!

We’re working on a storytelling app called LongShorts (www.readlongshorts.com), and we want to start collaborating with illustrators to help give some of our stories a stronger visual impact.

More specifically, we’re looking for black and white comic/manga style art to match stories that feel similar to light novels. That said, the genre of stories includes mystery, romance, drama, fantasy, and classics - so there’s still a lot of room for flexibility and creativity!

We’re aiming for 10 to 15 images per story, and hope to be able to offer ongoing work for stories that are serialized.

If you’re interested, I’d love to get in touch to talk about it in more depth, so please send me a message at media@96problems.com :)

Paul Cohen
5 September 2017

You need music too;-)

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