Illustration Meetup #03 event report

Andrew Joyce
19 June 2017

Hi All,

Better late than never but here's the attendee list for the Illustration meet up #03!
I'll also add a link to the print shop in Harajuku I mentioned. I f anyone wants to add links to other places we talked about then please do!

Thanks to everyone that braved the rain to attend. We had an even bigger turn-out than last time, with a mix of familiar faces and new people, which is great.
We'll announce the date for the next meet up in July soon.

Yapi Santiago / Yapi Santiago
Julia Nascimento / Julia Nascimento
Felipe Kolb Bernardes / Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Erica Ward / Erica Ward
John Cairns /
Tania Vicedo / Tania Vicedo
Takako Kuwahara / Takako Miki
Carlos Sulpizio / Carlos Sulpizio
George Popescu / George Popescu
Tom Wilson / Tom Wilson
Marin Kadlec / Marin Kadlec
Joshua Kadlec / Joshua Kadlec
Louis-Étienne Vallée / Louis Etienne Vallee
Aiko Sogo / Aiko Sogo
Farah Feroui / Farah Feroui
Petar Tasev / Petar Tasev
David Robert / David Robert
Rie Yokoyama / Rie Yokoyama
Andrew Browne / Andrew Browne
Mariya Suzuki / Mariya Suzuki
Luis Mendo / Luis Mendo
Nick Alston / Nick Alston
Andrew Joyce / Andrew Joyce

T-shirt/ tote bag printing service:
(Not a great website but worth visiting in person. They have English speaking staff if needed and very friendly)

See you next time!

Julia Nascimento
19 June 2017

Thanks a lot, Andy!

Petar Tasev
21 June 2017

Thank you Andy! Interesting subjects were discussed. Looking forward to the next one!

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