Thanks for getting this far.

Looking for an individual to create some pencil/greyscale/mixed media drawings for me. Maybe just 2 or 3 initially. I don't need the originals
just the copyright permission, digital files are ok.

I am seeking the copyright on these drawing for use in a 140 page
graphic novel. Initial first print is 1,000. English. Paperback. B/W.
Size still to be decided. Print to be early Summer (June/July/August)

The drawings will focus on the popular culture of 1980s Japan at specific
times/Dates. They can be based on adverts of the time or the artists
interpretation. They can also show global events/individuals that
may have had an effect on Japanese popular culture.

If you would like to see an example of the type of work I am seeking-

Pay will be per page. Let me know your rate when you express your interest.

First page of 4 panels is the Spring of 1979 might include- The 1st Sony Walkman,
Hideki Saijo's 'YMCA' or pink lady's 'chameleon army' at the top of the Oricon charts,

I live in Tokyo so am available to meet up for a chat anywhere in the city.

Thanks for reading this far!

Drop me a line if you need more information.