[canvas announcement] New Activity page design!

Rob Rob
8 February 2017

Hi there! Rob here. I'm joining the Canvas team and to celebrate it we just released an updated Activity page!

We had a few main goals with this new design:

1) To help users more easily discover the existence of the events and discussions features.
2) To aid the quick discovery of new events, discussions and creatives.
3) Clean up the main feed to focus on the creations.
4) Ensure the info in the footer is more visible for new users, so that they can better understand what Canvas is.

Previously all recent activity on Canvas was displayed in a single feed mixing new creations, event announcements, new discussions and new creatives joining Canvas. Because more and more content is being posted on the site as it grows, you could easily miss an event announcement or new discussion.

Starting now we display a main feed with exclusively all the latest creations. On the right side you will find three tidy organised sections to keep an eye on the upcoming events and the latest discussions, and to discover who recently joined Canvas.

You’ve probably already seen it if you’re reading this, but if not, you can see it now at https://www.canvas.co.com/activity.

We hope you find it useful, and we are exited to hear (or read) what you think about it!

Thanks for sharing your creative work!


Petar Tasev
8 February 2017

Hi Rob, I like it, I was waiting for this change to go live! Congrats on joining the Canvas team!

I suppose having an option for paged navigation in Activity is not something you consider, but I'd like it, since endless scrolling is resource-intensive on my machine.

Rob Rob
9 February 2017

Hi Petar Tasev, thanks for your message and your feedback! We take note of it! Cheers.

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