I am basically looking for a strategic partner to help me with creating an app that will work with a notebook so that together it will help to plan and simplify your life.

I am planning on having the basic app done by sometime in March of next year and then having another 2-3 months available to fully shape the app and troubleshoot it.

I am looking to fund everything using kickstarter and set up the project for a March or early April launch and have it run for about a month a half with a planned delivery of the app and notebook sometime in the summer.

If you are interesting in such a project and are willing to be a partner I am willing to share some of the profits from the kickstarter campaign with you in exchange for your help designing and programming the app. I will be doing everything else, including the design and printing of the notebook, promotional advertising, running the kickstarter campaign, shipping and delivery of the final product, and so on.

Feel free to contact me if you will have free time in the next few months and are interested in working on a unique and possibly highly profitable project! I need someone that is based in Tokyo so that we can meet up face to face and discuss all the necessary details to make sure we are on the same page and can speed up the project as much as possible!

I'm looking forward to hearing back from you!

Thanks! :)