Yulia Sko
21 December 2016

Hello Canvas members!
I need to print a catalogue (4-8 pages, color printing, both sides)
Does anyone know a fast and reasonable place?

Of course I know Kinkos and Accea, but I'm looking for a better quality.

P.s.: I know there were topics about printing before, but I couldn't find the information I need. Sorry for starting similar topic again.

Tom Wilson
22 December 2016

Hi Yulia Sko,
I've used this team before... super cheap, good quality, English/Japanese interface and pretty quick too.

Yulia Sko
22 December 2016

Thanks Tom Wilson!

Trent McBride
Web / Mobile Designer
23 December 2016

Hi Yulia!

I've used King Printers quite a bit in the past -

They might be on the slight lower end but the price/quality balance has always seemed good to me.

Good luck!

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