Prototyping apps

Johan Ronsse
UX Professional
3 September 2015

Who is using what to prototype? I must have tried them all. What are your opinions?
If I had to list them they come in different categories:

* Graphic design: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch
* Actual coding: Swift, HTML/CSS/JS
* Semi coding aided by environment: Framer.js, Quartz composer+Origami
* WYSIWYG web tools: Pixate, ...
* Tying images together: Adobe Fireworks, Invisionapp, Marvel, Prott, Flinto (web)
* Animating: Tumult Hype, After Effects, Principle App, Flinto for Mac

Which one is the best depends on what I am designing but I keep coming back to Sketch and Illustrator, Invision for a quick image prototype and HTML/CSS for prototyping if it's a web app.

Michele Angeloro
Art Director
3 September 2015

for fast ans simple prototyping: Principle

Paul Cohen
4 September 2015

* Web (html/css/js): + makes a great combo to cover a a lot of full stack use cases. Great for protoytping and production.
* 2D/3D: Unity3D (C#) with ready made assets from asset store
* Graphics: Serif Draw Plus (does ai), EDraw Max,
* Audio/Music: Audacity, Reaper, Live,

Riccardo Parenti
Product Designer
24 September 2015

I start using Balsamiq, Axure and Invision. Then After effects and edge for animations.
Now with Prott and Principle we are all satisfied, the first one for simple prototyping and sharing, the second one for animations.


Dan Vaughan
Art Director
27 September 2015

At the moment, just Sketch! I rarely need to use Illustrator or Photoshop anymore for web work, unless I'm dealing with finicky assets.

I was up til 5am the other night trying to learn Principle, though. Definitely nifty. Interested in trying out Flinto soon as well.

Carol Chung
10 October 2015

Any thoughts on the upcoming Adobe project comet?

Ryo Seven
UX Professional
16 October 2015


"...with the quality and stability that you expect from Adobe"



Here's my workflow:
Quick mockups - Keynote
More involved -
Might need some variables to be passed through the system - Axure

My general Go-to - iAd Producer. SUCH a hidden gem in the Apple toolset.

Every now and then - Processing.js

Carol Chung
17 October 2015

Ryo your snark is palatable <3

Tom Bowden
5 November 2015

Now using Sketch + Principle, both awesome. Will be making a presentation on prototyping apps at next Tokyo iOS Meetup.

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