[event] Canvas Illustrators Round Table - Finding Japanese Clients, Thu Aug 25th @Tacchi Studios

chiyun yeh
20 August 2016

Hi, everyone. I`m YO from Canvas. I`m an illustrator but also working at a design company in Tokyo.
My office share the space with an illustration agency, and we got an idea of building a bridge between Japanese and foreigner creators(focus on illustrator first), try to help foreigner creators find business chance with Japanese clients, also give the chance to Japanese creators who have interest to work with foreigners.

We`re planning to have an event at September, but before the event, we decide to hold a small “Canvas round table”,
to hear some suggestions or advise about “working with Japanese and find the Japanese client”.

Very welcome everyone if you are trying to find Japanese client but don`t know how, or you have experience of finding
Japanese client and would love to share the experience with us.

Facebook event page:

Date: 8/25(Thursday) Tacchi Studios, Shibuya
Time: 19:30~21:30
No entry fee

Tom Wilson
22 August 2016

Thanks Chiyun, I'm very interested but have to check my availability.

Loic Locatelli
22 August 2016

I'll be there Yoちゃん !

Takako Miki
24 August 2016

Hello Yo-san,
It a pity I can not join on that day :(
However I am interested in your event so I would like to join the next table.
Thank you for your sharing :)

Daniel Schallau
25 August 2016

I'll be there.

Mark McFarlane
25 August 2016

Hey everyone, just a heads-up that we've added a new event section to the site! Please have a look at https://www.canvas.co.com/tokyo/events, and be sure to connect your Facebook account to be involved in the social fun! :D

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