Looking for an HD Projector

Elizabeth Mueller
4 August 2016

Hello creatives, I have a rooftop that is in desperate need of a movie night. But in order to host movie night, I need a projector.

Hoping to buy or rent one, that is similar to this one: http://www.cnet.com/products/benq-w1080st/

resolution: 1,920x1,080 (1080p)

If you know of any lying around Tokyo please do let me know!
Happy to rent on a nightly basis - or take off your hands for a reasonable price!

Thank you thank you.

Mark McFarlane
5 August 2016

Hey Elizabeth! I'm happy to bring along our office projector for movie nights! Let's discuss tomorrow?

Elizabeth Mueller
5 August 2016

Yes! Thank you Mark Mcfarlane. See you soon!

Morgan Fisher
5 August 2016

Hi Elizabeth,
I've the EPSON EH-TW6100 full HD (1080p) projector. Known outside Japan as the Epson 3020, if you want to check its specs:
I think it's excellent - probably better than the Benq.
Drop me a message if you'd like to discuss renting it.

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