[job] CLOSED Tokyo Cheapo is seeking a "Monthly Infographic" Artist/Graphic Designer

Chris Kirkland
17 June 2016

We're looking for a designer/illustrator/artiste/lasercat to do an infographic for TokyoCheapo once a month. The topics will vary, sometimes are seasonal and usually we lean toward the fun and playful.

Generally there's some of the most popular posts on the site, like the cherry blossom forecast which always gets a ton of shares, social media love and usually tens of thousands of viewers.

Some past examples:

Ideally we'd agree on a set monthly fee with you for the infographic. Also in addition to this it's likely that we'd be knocking on your door for some other design work from time to time (like T shirts, stickers etc).

If you're interested please drop our editor a line on editor@tokyocheapo.com

-Create compelling (info)graphics, as stand-alone content or to accompany written material
-Collaborate with editor to come up with layout/essential design details
-Can produce graphics within a reasonable and agreed upon timeframe
-Proofread to produce accurate and high-quality work
-Provide rough draft before final submission
-Being open to feedback and willing to make changes to your designs
-Provide files in suitable format (.jpg, .png mostly) and source files if required (Illustrator, etc.)

The original job post: https://tokyocheapo.com/jobs/seeking-freelance-graphic-designer/

Tom Wilson
20 June 2016

Hi Chris, I would be very interested, and so I've just sent a response via the original posting.
Thanks for your time!

Nana Blank
23 June 2016

Hello! Dropped you an email. :) Thank you!

Chris Kirkland
28 June 2016

Thanks for replying guys!
I think Adriana has replied to you both.

Tom Wilson
29 June 2016

Thanks Chris!

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