[job] language skills for transcription, translation and proofread over audio files...

Francisco Martinez
1 June 2016

Hi guys,
Someone interested in an extra income?
I've being helping out a friend with processing audio files, teaming with others over the internet for transcription, translation and proofread in different languages, mainly English. Her company is expanding and reaching more languages targeting the incoming olympics.

The job is very straight forward by email:
- You receive the audio or video file. (for proofreading you also receive a text file)
- Agree with the job details and price per minute.
- Do your job, send the file and get paid.

There is not a website or system to log in, you contact directly Yasuhara-san (in japanese), come to an understanding and she will deposit on your bank account. She may ask you for a receipt bill.
She has been a guest in my house, is a lovely lady that speaks honorable Japanese, sometimes I don't get all what she says, but she is kind and well intentioned. She works very hard and I'm really impressed of her entrepreneurial spirit.

If somebody is interested please contact Yasuhara san directly (in Japanese please). You should mention me, so she will know what is about.

080 3870 4131

Thanks !

Francisco Martinez
10 June 2016

[ challenge ] Two English minute-writers wanted for an International Conference.
( original message in Japanese follows )

All the contents of the conference are in English.
Two days work to be done on an specific date and report afterward.

Work contents:
① Type the speech content of the meeting in real time.
The text will be shown on the screen (monitor) in real time.
② With in an hour after the meeting a digital file of the work has to be submitted to the client.
③ Next day, create a document from the IC recorder consisting in a
A4 format file in English of about 40 pages.
The subject to be cover in the conference is security-related.
Preferably for people familiar with the terminology and can speak English and Japanese.
Please submit a résumé of previous experience and/or qualifications.
Please contact for more details.
Looking forward for you to join the team,

Chihiro Yasuhara
> chihiro123yasuhara@yahoo.co.jp
TEL 080-3870-4131

①    リアルタイムに会議の発言内容を入力する。
②    会議終了後、1時間以内にミニッツを電子ファイルにてクライアントへ提出します・
③    後日、ICレコーダーにより議事録を作成します。

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