Printer Recommendations

Andrew Browne
26 April 2016

There have been a couple different threads here on print shop recommendations. However, I would like to hear if anyone has recommendations for actual inkjet or laser printers.

I am looking to do prints of ballpoint pen drawings. This means I need quite a high level of detail/DPI, as well as good black density. Most of this work is black and white, but color printing would be a good plus. Size-wise, I would like to be able to handle A4-A3/B4-B3 size (art) paper.

Any specific printer recommendations? Or trusted resources for making a decision?

Some of these ballpoint pen drawings can be seen here:

Tanya Tanaka
29 April 2016

I'm in need of a new printer too. A couple of friends are very happy with their HP printers. Another factor for me is that I work exclusively on my iPad and iPhone so absolutely need the printer to have wifi capabilities.

Morgan Fisher
30 May 2016

I think Epson are definitely the best for high-quality art printing, with the deepest blacks I've ever seen. Especially their Maxart range using K3 inks. Many top print shops use Epson too. In Nishi-Shinjuku is a large Epson showroom where you can take your data and try printing it out, for free:

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