I'm posting this on behalf of Jesse Freeman as he's busy getting ready for tomorrow. I'm personally very much looking forward to seeing the exhibition and getting my hands on a copy of the zine for the Tacchi/Canvas office!

Full event details at https://www.facebook.com/events/219411658426736/225210114513557/

And I highly recommend having a read of the Tokyo Art Beat interview with Jesse at http://www.tokyoartbeat.com/tablog/entries.en/2016/04/finding-the-lead-lines.html.

"This is an event for the Tokyo launch of Jordan’s and a Gold Chain by Alani Cruz and me (hate talking in third person). We started this project in 2014 with him sending me a color photo and I would send him a black and white photo that compositionally responded and then I would do the same and so forth. We got this idea from our favorite jazz musicians in Rollins and Coltrane where one would call the other and play a few musical notes and hang up. A while later the other would call back with a musical response and so forth. We both were extremely poor at the time and decided to share our dialogue in the form of a zine mostly to fix our half working cameras and called it "Jordan’s and a Gold Chain" after the Nas lyric were he said how things were simpler as kids that if you just had those two you were living it up.

It will be from 1pm to 9pm at the TOKYO WAS HERE showroom aka IamJesse`s Space….not me although I am Jesse but the other Jesse who we call IamJesse. We will be exhibiting various prints and selling the zine for ¥1500. Feel free to stop by throughout the day to check out the work and if you deem it worthy by all means please cop. We will have some food, drinks, and music as well. Before this show, there was a show in NYC last month and looking at an August exhibition in Stockholm…so looking forward to seeing you all and talking about the genius of Alani here in Tokyo."