Looking to build a strong team for shooting video projects!

George Popescu
7 April 2016


I'm very experienced with photography but not so much with videography. I have been wanting to get into doing some video projects for a while now and I recently found out about a contest for a short film.

I am looking for people that can collaborate with me for this short film entry and keep on working in the future for fun and for paid work. I am looking for people that have some experience with shooting video as well as editing video, but even if you are new but are very dedicated that is probably enough.

I have the necessary gear to shoot the short video but need other people's help in various positions as well as I need someone to edit the end results since I don't have any experience with editing.

Post and let me know your expertise and availability for this month and for next month and why you're interested in this collaborative work project!

Thanks! :)

Emil Bardh
Motion Graphics Designer
20 April 2016

a bit outdated website but I do motion graphics and VJ loops www.emilbardh.com

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