Print Shop Recommendations for Art Prints?

Erica Ward
25 March 2016

I am an illustrator who has recently moved to Tokyo and is searching for a print shop that provides services for high quality art prints. I work in pen and watercolor, but also have digital files of work I would like to sell as prints.
If anyone has any recommendations or printers they have had good experiences working with in the Tokyo area, please let me know!
Thank you.

chiyun yeh
29 March 2016

Hi Erica,

Here is one print shop I recommend, but all the pages are in Japanese..
1. Retoro Insatsu
You can choose different special paper for your print works.

2. Graphic
Very stander print shop in Japan, cheap but the quality sometime isn`t that
good as you expect.

3. Bihanku
Special print shop, high quality.

Hope those information will help you.

Erica Ward
31 March 2016

Thank you so much for your response! It is very helpful to get your recommendations and to explore the options on the websites.
I will experiment with some test prints and see how it goes.
Thanks again!

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