Frame shop / order-made frames?

Yulia Sko
22 March 2016

Hey Tokyo artists,

I am looking for some irregular size frames to present my work at an exhibition.
Does anyone know some place in Tokyo where I could find it?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Mark McFarlane
22 March 2016

Great question, Yulia! I think this could be useful for other members too!

I've used a place down the road from our office in Shibuya on Miyamasuzaka for custom frames. It's called Uematsu. Can't say how they compare to other options I'm afraid, but I was happy with their service.

I can't find a website for them right now I'm afraid, but here's some map links:

Google Map -
Street view -

Yulia Sko
31 March 2016

Thank you Mark,

I also got some recommendations from different sources, just in case I post it here, maybe it will be helpful for someone else )

神奈川のアトリエモネ (十日市場駅)
But the most popular options are Sekaido in Shinjuku or Tokyu Hands

Lori Ono
3 April 2016

I'm not sure what your budget is, but does amazing printing and museum quality framing. You might want to check out to see if it is in your price range.

Great service and Matsudaira-san speaks English as well.

Morgan Fisher
21 April 2016

You may know this already, but the ultimate art supplies store is Sekaido in Shinjuku, and they do all sorts of frames:
They are not cheap, but I think a little less costly than Tokyu Hands.
Yuzawaya in the Kichijoji station building (8th floor) is more reasonable but less selection.
Lastly, a great online store for acrylic frames at reasonable prices (at least for their standard sizes):

Max Hodges
Creative Director
13 June 2021

Thanks Lori! Years later, you're comment is generating value :) I've booked a visit with Atelier.Aflo

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