Book and booklet printing - How much does it cost and where do you recommend?

Mark McFarlane
20 March 2016

Hi all! I've been thinking a lot about printing a couple of small books (possibly a Canvas related one!) but have no idea about the pricing.

Does anyone here have any experience? If so, I'd love to know the kind of costs and other things that would be involved. For example something like Dan Vaughan's lovely Amble magazine, which can be seen at, would be perfect.

I'm sure a number of other members would find such information useful too!

Thanks in advance.

GeorgiAnn CoquereauKimi
20 March 2016

I recently published my story ("Gas Station Bathrooms I Slept In") on Amazon, so that the book is printed and sold by purchase, thus no production costs. That is the most economic way.

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