• Shoot amazing cars and models at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!


    Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 is coming up in January next year, it's the show with the freshest new cars and amazing looking models!

    You can purchase advance tickets online from their website for 2000 yen or on site for 2500 yen. I would suggest buying the tickets ahead of time online.

    The show is in Chiba at Makuhari Messe which is a huge hall and the one room of the show is jam-packed with car offerings from many companies including some brand new models.

    We will meet at Tokyo station at 11:00 am and head over to the keiyo train line and take it Chiba, that line takes another 30 minutes or so.

    On the way there in the train I will give you some tips about shooting the cars at the show. You're on your own when it comes to the models, just don't scare them! :)

    Aside from the vehicles the show has some of the most stunning female models I've seen in my life, and it has a lot of them.

    Basically every booth or company has at least two models and most have 3 or 4 models.

    Here's the website with all the information: https://www.tokyoautosalon.jp/2020ex/en/outline/

    We will meet at Tokyo station and then take the other line to head to the show together so we don't get lost. In terms of lenses, I suggest that you bring a zoom lens for the models since most of the time you can't get close to them and a wide angle or fish eye lens for the cars since you can get very close to those.

    Here are some photos that I took at the show this past year in January:

    Hot & Powerful Rides:

    Cute & Stunning Models:

    So, if you like cars, or beautiful women this is the place for you, mark it on your calendar Saturday, January 11th and be there!!!

    Did I mention there are many hot models at this show and they're all wearing different outfits.

    See you!

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    Saturday 11 January at 11:00

    Makuhari Messe International Convention Center, 2-1, Nakase, Chiba

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