• Tokyo Dev Round Table: Ruby on Rails #6

    Come and join us at Tacchi Studios ( http://www.tacchistudios.com ) in Shibuya for a relaxed and intimate evening of Ruby on Rails talk! Bring along your questions, hot topics to discuss, codebases, best practices to share, or whatever! It's an informal, round-table setup where we can talk as a group.

    Please note that this is a group primarily created for intermediate to advanced Ruby and Ruby on Rails discussion. Beginners are encouraged to join too as it’s a great way to learn about the concepts, techniques and technologies that will help to level up quickly. And of course please don't be afraid to ask questions!

    Wifi is available. To keep things simple and easy for us, we don't ask for any entry fee and don't organize food or drinks, so please feel free to bring along any drinks or snacks you'd like. :)


    Doors open and mingling. Please don't arrive before 7:30pm as we'll be finishing our work for the day and setting up the space. :)

    After a quick round of self introductions where each member can also mention the topics they'd like to ask or talk about, we'll start the group discussion.

    Wrap up the discussion and time for mingling.

    Venue closes.

    Finally, due to the limited number of spaces and regular waitlist, we take no-shows very seriously and often ban those who take a space and then do not attend multiple times. Please be sure to only take a spot in the event if you're planning to attend, and if you can't make it please be sure to cancel your RSVP so someone else can take your spot. Thanks for your understanding!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon!

    Mark & Rob

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    Tuesday 12 November at 19:30

    Tacchi Studios, Shibuya 2-2-16 1F, Tokyo, Tokyo

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