• Watch and take photos at the Kawasaki Halloween Parade!


    Let's have fun and take photos of cosplayers. There will be hundreds of Halloween cosplayers at the annual parade near Kawasaki station so let's meet up and take some photos of the people dressed in different characters.

    If you want to be part of the parade you have to dress up in a costume and pay 1500 yen and fill out the form on their website.

    We will just watch and take photos and then enjoy the nice music and party they have and after that hang out at a nearby coffee shop and discuss photography and the photos we just took.

    Here's the official website for the event:

    Another link with all info in English: http://tokyocheapo.com/events/kawasaki-halloween-parade/

    This event is open to everyone, bring your friends and you can bring any camera and just enjoy the event and have fun!

    See you there!!! :)

    Let's go to Shibuya after this parade and take photos of all the people dressed up in Halloween costumes in Shibuya!!!

    Some shots from last year's parade:

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    Sunday 27 October at 13:30

    Kawasaki Station, Kawasaki, Tokyo

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