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    Apocrypha #16: Karma

    Karma - a force of balance, of reaping what we have sown. Whether it be on the wheel of reincarnation, or the after-effects of last night, we all have times where we feel we have received our just rewards.

    On this night, we invite you to reflect on your actions, or those of others that have affected you, positive or negative, and the interesting, dangerous, humorous, or bizarre outcomes that came to be. Kicked your sibling, only to tumble down the stairs and break your leg? Been left by a partner for another person and then find out the person they left you for cheated on them? Or perhaps you bent over to pick up a lost wallet, and tripped a fleeing bank robber, bringing you fame? Your coworker constantly complain about mistakes in your work and later your boss finds they have been frequently plagiarizing in their work?
    What examples of karma have you seen in your life?

    ---Apocrypha is night of true stories told by their protagonists inspired by the popular storytelling podcasts such as 'The Moth', and 'Risk!'. Storytellers share intimate and emotional experiences from their lives, crafted into short 10-15 minute stories. ---

    Entry for Apocrypha #16 is 1500¥ which includes a free drink of your choice. We have raised the entry fee by 500 yen due to rising costs to host the event. If however, we recover more than the costs accrued we will be able to lower the entry fee back to 1000¥ as it has been for past events.

    Come share your story, let us see the world through your eyes and be regaled by the stories of others.

    ****We are looking for storytellers, please message our facebook page if you have interest in telling a story during the upcoming Apocrypha.

    Apocrypha was created jointly with Yokohama Theatre Group, http://ytg.jp/en/

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    Friday 20 July at 19:30

    Bar Gari Gari, 2 Chome-45-9 Daizawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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