• Special 4-day Intensive Japanese Woodblock Workshop

    Special 4-day Intensive Japanese Woodblock Workshop
    August 9-12, 2018 (Thu-Sun)
    Max 12 people

    In this workshop we aim to teach you the full process of woodblock printmaking from start to finish so you can take the skills and adopt them into your own practice. You will familiarise yourself with carving, printing and paper handling from master woodblock carver Motoharu Asaka with translation and co-teaching from Louise Rouse, Adjunct Professor in the art program at Temple University, Japan, as well as locate the ecosystem of craftspeople across the city of Tokyo to find the things you’ll need to continue.

    Day 1 (Studio)
    • Begin the day by practicing printing on our pre-made blocks. Understand the nature of layered printmaking and gradient techniques from the ukiyoe tradition
    << Lunch >>
    • Demonstration of tools and the order to use them
    • Transfer your image to the block and begin carving

    Day 2 (Excursions)
    • Excursion to make paper and visit tools and materials shops in Tokyo
    << Lunch >>
    Visit to ukiyoe exhibitions

    Day 3 (Studio)
    • Demonstration of hairline carving by Motoharu Asaka
    • Practice using traditional carving tools
    •<< Lunch >>
    • Bring your blocks to a finish with larger chisels and hammers

    Day 4 (Studio)
    • How to prepare your paper - dampening and sizing
    • Demonstration of “sharking” a brush
    • Final checks of your block
    << Lunch >> (Video - Paper Houses screened over lunch)
    • Printing
    • How to dry your paper


    All tools and materials needed to do the workshop

    Papermaking experience fee

    Entrance to exhibitions

    Vegetarian soup & bread lunch for days when we are in the studio

    Not included:

    Any tools you want to keep, please purchase at the end of the workshop

    Lunch on the excursion day, please purchase at a local restaurant

    Any fancy paper or materials you wish to purchase, please purchase separately

    * Please Note

    * Cancellations up to 1 month before will receive a refund

    * This course requires 50% occupancy by July 15 to run the course. In the case that 50% occupancy cannot be completed by this date, the course may be cancelled or run at a different location.

    Held at Sengoku Art Space

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    Thursday 09 August at 10:00

    Sengoku Art Space (2F), 4-38-10 Sengoku, Tokyo

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