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    Let's shoot cosplayers at Comiket 94 in August !!!


    Comiket 94 is happening again in the middle of August. Let's meet together and take photos of cosplayers and after that go and take street photos of Odaiba.

    We will meet at Shimbashi station near the stairs that lead up to the Yurikamome line, so we will all take Yurikamome line together to Odaiba.

    We can take some stunning evening photos in that area and after that we can go to a cafe nearby and discuss our photos.

    Comiket information is here:


    It's free to visit for anyone, however you should bring some money to buy food/snacks and if you want to actually buy some comics or other merchandise while there.

    Make sure you ask the cosplayer's permission before taking photos and try to be in front of them unless it's a big group of people in which case you can move around.

    They're very strict about people not taking photos from behind cosplayers, so try to follow this rule, as long as you're in front of them any angle seems to be ok. Also ask permission if you want to get up close to them or want to take a photo with them, usually they'll be ok with it but ask first!

    Bring your camera and let's have some fun!!!

    Feel free to bring any friends with you as well!!!

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    Sunday 12 August at 11:00

    Shimbashi Station Shiodome Exit, Shimbashi, Tokyo

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