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    Choosing the Right Software Architecture - Takayuki Cho, CTO of Farmfes

    "Choosing the Right Architecture"

    This meet-up will be held in English and Japanese.

    - What is Architecture
    - What Purpose Does Architecture Serve?
    - What is "Not" Architecture (Is MVC an architecture?)
    - Components of Architectures (Language/Design Patterns/Architectural concepts/separation of concern)
    - How to Choose the Right Architecture Among All

    This is recommended for people who:
    - want to know the critical factors for crafting and selecting the right architecture
    - have spent too much time on refactoring code written in sloppy architecture


    ++++++++++++++++++++++Speaker Bio++++++++++++++++++++++

    Takayuki Cho is a software developer working for a agri-tech startup called farmfes as CTO.

    Over the past four years, he has worked for different kinds of projects with different kinds of languages including JS, golang, ruby, PHP, Kotlin and Swift.

    Having experienced successes and failures in different projects,
    he is now strongly interested in selection of architecture and framework,
    because later it will hurt so bad when you choose it carelessly.


    7:45pm - Doors Open
    8:00pm - Introductions
    8:15pm - "Choosing the Right Architecture" + Q&A with audience
    9:30pm - Networking!






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