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    Learn how to use Manual mode on your camera!!!


    This will be a fun workshop on learning how to use your camera in Manual mode and finally get out of AUTO mode and learn to take awesome photos! (I need at least 3 people to sign up for this workshop, if not I will postpone it to another day)

    I will teach you about the relationship between:



    Shutter Speed

    I will also tell you about what lenses you may want to buy when you're just starting out with photography. I will be giving out a handout with all the information so you can read it over at home and it will help you remember the basics.

    The cost for this workshop is 2000 Yen per person to be paid at the beginning of the workshop.

    Everyone will receive a handout with the information that I am teaching and a FREE lens cleaning cloth for your camera and lens.

    After the explanations we will go out and test out what I've just taught you, you can also ask me questions and I will help everyone with all the information you need.

    Once we shoot for about half an hour for fun I will give you all a challenge of something specific to shoot. Everyone will go around and practice alone and shoot what the challenge goal is.

    After that's finished we will all look at the photos together and choose the best photo. The winning photo's shooter will win a 16 GB USB memory card that will have 10 Photography E-books on it and 50 Photography magazines (worth more than $100). I need at least 3 people to attend to be able to run this contest.

    So the schedule will be such:

    11:30 am - Meet up and do introductions

    12:00 pm- Give out handouts and start to teach the basics

    12:30 pm - Everyone will go out together and start shooting using what they've learned (I will be with you to answer questions)

    1:00 pm- I will tell you what the challenge is for the day and everyone will go out alone and shoot photos for the challenge

    1:30 pm- We will all come together and take a look at the photos and choose a winner

    2:00 pm- The winner will receive the 16 GB USB memory key with the prizes on it.

    After that, we can go to a coffee shop and you can ask me more questions or we can go out and shoot more for another hour.

    This should be a fun and very informative workshop + contest in one!

    I will bring my tablet to download the photos so we can see them better so please make sure you have an SD or micro SD card for your camera if your camera uses a CF card bring a card reader with you and we can transfer the photos that way.

    This workshop will be limited to 7 maximum attendees so sign up early, I only want 7 people so I can help everyone and have time to answer everyone's questions.

    Feel free to ask me any questions!

    Thank you!



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    Sunday 18 February at 11:30

    Harajuku Station, Harajuku Station, Harajuku

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