B2C Program Manager/Immersive Lead

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We are looking for an empathetic and goal-driven B2C Program Manager/Immersive Program Lead who loves problem solving and cultivating the capabilities of people.

There are two main components to the role: the B2C Program Manager, which includes overseeing all of our B2C courses, and the Immersive Program Lead, which involves overseeing our flagship program more specifically. This includes implementing the company strategy for our B2C programs, supervising the Leads of our Foundations & Immersive Part-Time Programs, managing the logistics for our flagship Immersive Program, and being accountable for the successful operation of our programs.

Key Responsibilities B2C Program Manager: - Contributing to the overall company data strategy - Defining and updating course rules for students to follow - Making multi-course decisions - Measuring and maintaining program profitability - Tracking and carrying out government paperwork - Arranging and conducting off-site instructor team training and building - Interviewing and hiring instruction staff - Defining and measuring what success looks like for the programs

Immersive Program Lead: - Updating data related to students - Main point-person and day-to-day decision maker for Immersive Program logistics - Holding instructors accountable for tasks/processes and giving feedback on instruction, delivery processes and policies, and interpersonal issues - Watching/shadowing team member lectures, AMAs, or other types of student-facing interactions to provide performance feedback - Balancing team workload - Acting as coordinator and point person for cross-departmental and company housekeeping announcements (change in staff, cross-departmental space usage, etc.) - Arranging and holding regular 1:1s with departmental members - Assigning roles and responsibilities to execute logistics for course events

We are looking for people who: - Have fluent or native English - Are interested in tech and education - Familiarity with the software industry and/or managing engineers

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About Code Chrysalis

Code Chrysalis is a Silicon Valley-style coding bootcamp based in Tokyo.

Our mission is to create the next generation of full-stack software engineers and tech leaders in Japan, promote and recruit more women in technical careers, and build a community for anyone interested in technology.

We help companies upskill, reskill, retool, assess, and onboard their engineering teams. Current and previous clients have included Mercari, NRI, TRI-AD Dojo, Akamai, and more.

We also help people make career transitions into software engineering. We offer a range of part-time and full-time courses, remote or held on-site. For our course offerings and a schedule of our upcoming courses, please see our website.

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