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I do a lot of different things. Programming, game dev, CG cinematics, entrepreneurship, music (it's been a few years though), investing, etc

I'm a Story Assassin. With a focus on the result, I write stories connecting Japanese culture brands with Western audiences. Hit me.

ANALOG DEPRESSION// PHONOMETRICIAN I'm a musician and sound designer living and working in Tokyo

Ended up in Tokyo / French

I’m an Art Director focusing on bringing projects to life via design, animation and illustration.

British Motion Designer, and based in Tokyo since 2012. Originally working for a global firm, then went freelance in 2016.

Creative Director 脚本家 作曲家

I am an illustrator and graphic designer based in Tokyo.

Tokyo-based illustrator with a unique blend of styles who specializes in hand-drawn work and hand type.

NIYA NIYA STUDIOは、「ブランディング」「イベントなどの空間デザイン」「壁画・サインペインティング」「ロゴデザイン」など、さまざまなクリエーティブワークに携わっています。

I make films and installations with often a political background.

Prague–born, Tokyo–based architect, designer and photographer. UTokyo graduate.

I'm a creative spirit from Los Angeles who is experienced with screen printing, illustration, design, and creating art pieces with a laser.

I'm a freelance illustrator working with traditional materials and Photoshop. I'm originally from the UK, now based in east Tokyo. Regards.

Illustrator, printmaker and art educator in Tokyo

Copywriter / Creative Director / Creative Collaborator / Climber / Motorcycle Enthusiast

interactive/procedural game audio composer (instrumental/electronic) violist

Founder and managing partner of trainspot kk. (

I'm a photographer, graphic designer and musician. Triple threat as some call it.

Tokyo & Honolulu-based artist working w/Metals + Fibers; Wire Crochet Sculpture, Installations, & Macro Photography.