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I am a filmmaker and photographer.

I am an illustrator based in Tokyo. I focus on fashion and lifestyle illustration, hand-drawn graphics and patterns.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Tokyo, Japan.

Interior design graduate from Melbourne practicing as a visual merchandiser residing in Tokyo.

Video editor with a B.S. in Digital Media Production.

Graduate temple university in June 2018. Fluent in Japanese and English. Focused mainly on digital design, oil painting and photography.

French designer working freelance on graphic and interactive projects since 2008.

I specialize in international branding and UX/UI design to help create a holistic brand experience for companies worldwide.

I am a Documentary Photographer. Videographer. Storyteller. Creative Director. From Indonesia based in Japan. 写真家、東京在住。インドネシア・ジャカルタ出身。

Tokyo-based collage artist, writer, and occasional quilt-maker. Also enjoys pickling.

Former translator, now working as a junior web developer. I dabble in sketching and photography and like to think I'm a visual person.

Augmented Reality,Unity3D,Motion Graphics designer,Game developer. Always working in new ways to join the digital and real world

I am an artist working in theater, performance, and installation. I am currently in Tokyo as an artist in residence with AIR 3331

I mostly work in paintings, illustrations and soft sculptures.

Hey there I’m a front end dev living in tokyo

I am a Canadian illustrator from Toronto currently living in Tokyo.

polymath: art / math / computers / burlesque

Founder and director at An-yal,

Fine arts studio practice fundamentally producing paintings. I like critical & collaborative endeavors. Rhode Island School of Design (14’)

Digital Producer in Tokyo. Been in Japan for 10 years and am fluent in Japanese.