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I'm a creative spirit from Los Angeles currently residing in Tokyo who loves to make, create & surround myself with like minded individuals.

I'm a freelance illustrator working with traditional materials and Photoshop. I'm originally from the UK, now based in east Tokyo. Regards.

Illustrator, printmaker and art educator in Tokyo

Copywriter / Creative Director / Creative Collaborator / Climber / Motorcycle Enthusiast

interactive/procedural game audio composer (instrumental/electronic) violist

Founder and managing partner of trainspot kk. (

I'm a photographer, graphic designer and musician. Triple threat as some call it.

Tokyo & Honolulu-based artist working w/Metals + Fibers; Wire Crochet Sculpture, Installations, & Macro Photography.

I am an illustrator/graphic designer from the island of Jamaica who enjoys fusing organic and geometric elements to tell visual stories.

Fine arts student in Tokyo. Illustration, graphic design.

Kick ass musician, composer, producer. Clients: SBS Australia, Channel 4 UK, Less Rain UK, Team Lab Japan, Ambient Media Japan. Etc.

Newly graduated architect working part-time, trying to improve my painting and photography.

Adventurer french videographer & photographer

I am a Tokyo based bilingual photographer / Film Maker. I am also a husband to a lovely lady.

NZ born n' bred Japanese directing and filming in Japan

I write science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Creator based in Tokyo.

Japanese sales person(salary man)

Studio Manager at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo.

I am a photographer and blogger living in Tokyo.