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Tokyo based Wedding, Family and Outdoor Adventure Photographer from the UK - A photo journalist at heart.

Web developer from Belgium, and urrently living in Tokyo!

Editorial and Commercial Photographer, Member of Magnum Photos, currently based in Tokyo.

Creating Travel Videos and other Videos related to Japan and tourism

Hello! Im Amy Ryan Brew, an artist and illustrator from Liverpool UK, currently living in Tokyo.

I am a curator, writer, and co-founder of Japan Objects, an online platform promoting Japanese art and design.

2008 Joined N.G. Inc., I spent 8 years working as a graphic designer for Hiroaki Nagai. 2016 Started working as an independent art director.

Stand-up comedian and writer - member of the eclectic Stand-up Tokyo comedy collective.

I paint film stills of sorts, snapshots of humans in the midst of daily life with often surreal twists.

Web Developer (Elixir, PHP)

Senior Artist, working full-time supervising and creating kids animation and story books.

I'm a composer, producer and musician. I'm currently focused on free improvisation using the classical guitar and shakuhachi.

UX Designer who has a background Cognitive Science

Tokyo based American artist working in sculpture, traditional printmaking and digital media.

I'm a DIY enthusiast pursuing one personal project after another. I play with everything, from electronics & computer to plants & animals.

I co-run Airside Nippon graphic design/motion graphics studio. Our studio is located in Kabukicho (yes, Kabukicho), Shinjuku, Tokyo.

French art director loving print and digital design.

Watercolor & ink illustrator and comics creator. I specialize in food and people illustration. Obsessed with pigments!

Freelance Full-Stack Web Developer | Crypto Currency Trader | USN Veteran