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I can do various art and crafting things. But I mainly enjoy drawing.

I paint, design + dance. Costa Rican living + working in Tokyo as a graphic/branding designer. I do illustration + fashion on the side.

Owner/Founder of

Textile designer. My focus is in textile and surface design specifically in spatial context, and with sustainability in mind.

I'm a Tokyo-based Digital Marketer. I love marketing and creating better experiences for customers.

Creative Director at Ralph Tokyo. With offices in London, NYC and LA, we are global social Media Specialists.

I am an artist specializing in 2d image making, both digital and freehand. I am proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator/ Animator who likes to draw with playful graphic shapes and bold colours. I moved to Tokyo this year.

Architect doing my doctoral and working in Tokyo. 3D, CAD, BIM, Revit, VR, Architectural presentations, pitching, diagrams, concept design, algorithmic design

French artist based in Tokyo since more than a decade.My work is dedicated to film score, songwriting and illustrations.

I'm a start-up member of the street art forcused NFT platform & auction house based in Tokyo. Also a freelance art curator. Currently in 🇩🇪

I'm a freelance travel and content writer and photographer based in Tokyo.

Documentary Filmmaker and Photographer Based in Tokyo.

Architect. 3D Artist. Designer.

I am a freelance artist and illustrator. I mostly use watercolor, gouache, Japanese inks and colored pencils. My works is playful, happy and full of colors.

Freelance illustrator, character designer, visual development artist living in Setagaya, Tokyo. Originally from the US.

Australian fashion, portrait, editorial & reportage, luxury event photographer based in Tokyo. Inquiries:

I'm a designer+creator working in the intersection of art, technology, science and education to create engaging learning experiences for all

A budding bevopreneur uniting craft beverages with artist from around the world creating unique events and products with a story.

I love illustrating children’s books, stories, legends, folk and fairy tales