I write about, and I make art. I keep a blog about art while I work on a series of drawings to be exhibited later this year.

I'm a Tokyo based writer who does food, coffee, and short fiction. In love with the ever constant ebb and flow of Tokyo life.

I'm a blogger and short story writer. I self-published a book of my own short stories in June 2016.

Experienced smile coach and potterer. I joined Canvas predominantly to offer a hand, toe, eye...whatever it is you need.

Hello. I'm a Tokyo-based writer of books, features, short-form poetry, and micro and flash fiction.

I am a content developer, with a background as an advertising copywriter. I am the founder of online animal-cafe guide AnimalCafes.com, ...

A Copywriter and Content Marketer interested in doing creative work and collaborating with equally quirky and passionate individuals.

Like the Big Bang that got us here in the first place, we are each of us a constantly evolving state of now. Our projects are that way, too.

I’m a Content Strategist living and working in Tokyo, Japan. On weekends, I photograph birds. I've just about split my time in Asia with ...

I share stories for awesome companies. In short, I write.

I love poetry, not stiff formal, but accessible, experimental, original. Spoken Word, improvised with live musical accompaniment is such ...

Writer/editor by trade, experience in journalism, marketing, fiction. Love exercise and music, trying to have a lucid dream.

Culture editor and staff writer for The Japan Times, and co-founder of Too Much: Magazine of Romantic Geography.

Copy writing, articles for bilingual (J/E) magazines, editing of Design industry journal articles, translations

Get to know your fellow Tokyo creatives and learn more about what and how they create!

Communicator. I help businesses communicate their ideas and build their brands through writing, translating, and social media.

I'm an English teacher by day and a drama novelist by night.

I write fictional short stories not set in any genre.

I love words. I love how they look, how they walk, how they play, how they feel, and how they dance.

Max Ebert punches words into a computer.