I write about, and I make art. I keep a blog about art while I work on a series of drawings to be exhibited later this year.

I'm a Tokyo based writer who does food, coffee, and short fiction. In love with the ever constant ebb and flow of Tokyo life.

I'm a blogger and short story writer. I self-published a book of my own short stories in June 2016.

Experienced smile coach and potterer. I joined Canvas predominantly to offer a hand, toe, eye...whatever it is you need.

Hello. I'm a Tokyo-based writer of books, features, short-form poetry, and micro and flash fiction.

A Copywriter and Content Marketer interested in doing creative work and collaborating with equally quirky and passionate individuals.

I am a content developer, with a background as an advertising copywriter. I am the founder of online animal-cafe guide AnimalCafes.com, ...

I’m a Content Strategist living and working in Tokyo, Japan. On weekends, I photograph birds. I've just about split my time in Asia with ...

Like the Big Bang that got us here in the first place, we are each of us a constantly evolving state of now. Our projects are that way, too.

Novel writing, TV drama series crafting, award winning advertising Creative

I share stories for awesome companies. In short, I write.

Copy writing, articles for bilingual (J/E) magazines, editing of Design industry journal articles, translations

Culture editor and staff writer for The Japan Times, and co-founder of Too Much: Magazine of Romantic Geography.

I love poetry, not stiff formal, but accessible, experimental, original. Spoken Word, improvised with live musical accompaniment is such ...

Books, travel and food editor for The Japan Times. Writer/editor by trade, experience in journalism, marketing, fiction. Love exercise and music, trying to have a lucid dream.

I write fictional short stories not set in any genre.

I love words. I love how they look, how they walk, how they play, how they feel, and how they dance.

I'm an English teacher by day and a drama novelist by night.

Get to know your fellow Tokyo creatives and learn more about what and how they create!

Hot chocolate and a panini to go.