Zsofia Kiesewetter - Illustrator in Tokyo

Zsofia Kiesewetter

I'm an illustrator in Tokyo, Japan

I speak English, French, German, and Italian

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Welcome to my profile. Happy, that you made your way here.

I’m a Hungarian/German currently living in Tokyo.

I’m an aspiring kids’ books illustrator but actually haven’t started out as such, I come from a completely different background (although I did study art history) and rediscovered my love for illustrating only recently, after a more than 20 years hiatus.

I love old tales, legends and anything that’s magical and maybe even weird.
And FUN! I love fun or unexpected stuff and always try to shoehorn it into my art.

Besides doing art, I love living in and discovering this wonderful country, where you can learn something new on every corner.
Oh and I’m also into Kimonos. But that’s a different story…

My Creations

  1. Crane Folding Samurai

    1 November 2021

    I did this one for this year’s Inktober, and I’m really happy the way he turned out.

    I wanted to show a peaceful scene, something serene and not the usual heroic Bushido-type guy, threatening the enemy and swinging the sword.

    Because, you know, everyone needs a break and reconnect once... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  2. The Journey

    1 November 2021

    This is an other one for Inktober
    The prompt was “Vessel”.

    I imagined this little fellow getting all excited about traveling with these butterflies, looking forward to where the journey will take him.

    I love traveling myself and since it’s not been easy for quite some time, I can totally... continue reading (0, 1 image)

  3. Knot

    1 November 2021

    Also an Inktober piece: “Knot”

    I wouldn’t want to untie that one…
    (Ink on paper and Photoshop)

  4. I do feel her pain.
    I can also agonize for hours, especially when putting on an obi….
    (Copics and metallic gel pens on paper)